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This year I will be performing my new solo show -

Nick Revell - Gluten-Free Jesus; Seven Easy Steps to Mindfulness, Weight-Loss, Enlightenment, Spiritual Detoxing, Untold Riches, and Dealing with Disappointment.

at the Brighton Festival, May 25 26 and 27 at the Hobgoblin.
28 August
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some reviews

And here is my most recent review, from

Nick Revell is definitely on the broadsheet end of the comedy spectrum. His impassioned arguments are long and deep and littered with references to French renaissance satirists and 4th Century theologians.

Bill Hicks

Only worked with Bill Hicks once. A TV show in Edinburgh. Sat in the green room a bit, polite minimal exchanges, both preoccupied with the tv in the corner which was showing a live feed from Russia of Yeltsin facing down the attempted military coup, outside the Moscow parliament in 91.