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I will be recording a series for BBC Radio 4 in May, called BrokenDreamCatcher; half hour stories in the same style as my last two Edinburgh shows. (some reviews below) Tickets availablehere: http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/shows/brokendreamcatcher_may18


Also, a link to a gig I did for the BBC at WOMAD www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b091w5qf

Nick Revell vs Lily Evil Cat Queen of Earth Planet and the Laughing Fridge. 

“a surreal mix of sci-fi, technology-paranoia, pop-culture, geo-politics and a cat brought to life by Nick’s swan-flighted oratory. Last year Nick brought us his widely praised ‘Gluten Free Jesus,’ & since then has conjured up an entirely different subject & content from the bubbling factory that is his creative mind”. Mumble

“This is a sort of Jackanory for grown-ups and it is great fun. Nick Revell’s stories are a fantastic device to do some satire, some politics, some observational humour and a load of silliness…Nick pretty much has the ‘surreal fiction for adults’ genre to himself and he is its master. I left thinking I wish they would put it on telly.” Kate Copstick - Scotsman

“…as if JG Ballard has written an Edinburgh show from beyond the grave… profound and impressive and expertly delivered...” Chortle

Gluten-Free Christ; Seven Easy Steps to Mindfulness, Weight-Loss, Enlightenment, Spiritual Detox, Untold Riches, and Dealing with Disappointment.

"...comedy as Soul Food, comedy as therapy...Comedy as genius. A True Master Class!" Mumble